Get Involved with Us

Become a Neighborhood Booster

  • Buy Local
  • Use your influence to create positive change
  • Encourage shopkeepers and landlords to beautify their premises
  • Let shopkeepers know you appreciate their efforts to upgrade their storefronts
  • Tell your friends and neighbors about our work
  • Let your rabbis, synagogues, schools and other organizations know how we are striving to improve the neighborhood
  • Sign up for our mailings to stay informed of upcoming Events and announcements
  • Let us know what you can do.

Become an Advocate

Some areas of community concern...
  • Improved amenities in neighborhood parks
  • Improved signage for hidden nature trails
  • A new public library, a new fire station
  • Let us know your interest.

Become a Leader

Host a block meeting or gathering of friends -- to raise awareness of our work, and to let us know what matters most to you. A leader would be happy to attend.

Let us know how we can work together.


Donate to us and help support our ongoing work!

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